We are constantly finding new applications . In any situation that requires complete removal of a finish or soil with no residual, dry ice is the gold standard for performance. From cleaning pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment to removing anti-fouling paint from boat hulls, the range of uses seems practically limitless. Our ability to scale the rate of ice flow, air pressure and ice particle size provides flexibility that is unavailable with other methods.

Some of Our Recent Customers

Durez Corporation
Ellicott Development Corporation
Emerson & Renwick USA
Environmental Air
University of Rochester
Frey Electric Corporation
KATZ Americas
Mahle Industries
Moog Inc.
Nichter Construction
Simmers Crane Design & Services
Sumitomo Rubber USA
Spraytech Coatings Inc.
Bremner Food Group
Perrys Ice Cream
O-AT-KA Dairy Cooperative
City of Buffalo
Nuttal Gear
Whiting Door Manufacturing
Wendt Corporation
Buflovak, LLC.
Boston Valley Terra Cotta
John’s Towing
Advanced Machine Design
Albright Construction
Bill’s Boat Works
Frederick Machine Repair