Dry Ice blasting is a truly revolutionary technology. While the process has been in use for some time, recent advances in equipment design have created a vast new suite of applications.


Differences between sandblasting and dry ice blasting


Dry ice cleaning to different materials, from delicate surfaces like book covers to more durable materials like brick walls.


The use of dry ice for cleaning, removing old finishes and surface preparation offers considerable advantages over traditional methods. Among the most important:

  • There is no secondary waste. Because frozen CO2 moves directly from a solid to a gas there is no need to use chemicals for finish or dirt removal. The only waste generated by the process is fragments of the finish being removed. Clean up is quick, easy and safe.
  • Since there is no liquid phase, the technology is very well suited for cleaning applications that may be affected by moisture. For example, electrical and electronic components can be cleaned in place and while in use!
  • It is a very cost effective method. Equipment rarely requires disassembly for cleaning, saving down time and money.
  • The process is environmentally friendly. Dry ice is derived from carbon dioxide that is a byproduct of manufacturing or directly from the atmosphere. The only energy consumed is for freezing the gas and running our equipment. Hence, the low carbon footprint.
  • Our work is on-site. We only require access to 120 volt wall current. Most of our customers truly appreciate the ease and cost savings associated with cleaning done at their facilities. Feel free to contact us when faced with your next cleaning or finish removal challenge. We’ll gladly demonstrate our work and provide a quote at no charge. Dry Ice blasting is a fresh new approach to some traditionally difficult tasks. Let us help you save time, money and headaches.